AwardSpace Free Hosting VS 000WebHost Free Hosting

Most people would probably wonder why anybody would give away anything of value for free especially hosting. The truth is that many web hosting companies are more than happy to give away something for nothing because they simply want you to be in their world and assume that sometime in the future you will want to upgrade to something a better than their basic free hosting.

There are honestly several web companies out there that provide free hosting but some of them require that you have advertisements on your website promoting their services and so forth. The good news is that two of these companies are 100% Ad Free and provide quite an impressive hosting platform to get you up and running.

These two companies are and AwardSpace. Both have been around quite awhile and have proven to provide quality services at a price that obviously can't be beat.

A quick comparison of both company's free hosting services:

Features: AwardSpace Free Hosting
Disk Space 1500 MB 250 MB
Data Transfer 100 GB/month 5 GB/month
Add-on Domains 5 2
Sub-Domains 5 3
E-Mail Addresses 5 1
MySQL Databases 2 1
Site Builder Yes No
24X7 Support By Email Only Limited

By looking at the free web hosting features of both companies, it is very obvious that the offer is much better than that of AwardSpace Free Hosting. However, for a single start-up website, the offer of AwardSpace Free Hosting can be enough to run and maintain a decent website. Both web companies have great features that would be good for any startup website.

Certainly, there are advantages to start a web site using a free web rather than from the best paid web host service provider. Here are some advantages as follows:

  1. We will start with the is absolutely free and you can cancel at any time!
  2. For newbies, building a website using a free hosting provider could be a good learning process. Generally, free hosting is more user friendly compared to paid hosting services because they don't offer as many whistles and bells.
  3. It is a great way to see how the hosting company works and if you like it and your website is growing then you can easily upgrade at any time.

Another thing to be considered is that many free web hosting companies earn some revenue from advertisers whose businesses are being promoted on your website without your consent and you can't control. Both and AwardSpace guarantee that there will be no ads on your website.

Both companies also offer paid hosting services where they earn revenues. Most of them are trying to outdo one another in free web hosting services and will do what they can to hint to their customers that it is better to upgrade than stay with the free plan but in the end that is up to you.

When considering which company is best for your website, it would be definitely be smart to pick for the main reason that the features are much better than AwardSpace Free Hosting. To start with 000WebHost gives more disk space (1,500 MB) compared to the 250 MB offered by their competitor. Also keep in mind that the bandwidth is 100 GB for 000Webhost monthly compared with y 5 GB for AwardSpace. If your site does experience a surge of traffic then you will be in much better hands with a better bandwidth.

Most advanced web site owners and companies will not recommend free hosting because it is so limited. But for anyone who is simply curious about web hosting and want to create a site of their own then it is the perfect solution. Hope this little review helps you out and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.